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Limited edition All Yours print by Evie Kemp, a New Zealand illustrator known for her vibrant animal portraits. All Yours is a design created by Evie especially for the SPCA, that references the traditional mysticism surrounding cats. "I wanted to create something a bit spooky, but gorgeous which reinforces the idea that every pet is special. I like to believe that we need our pets as much as they might need us".
Working with the SPCA has been a lifelong dream for Evie, who is passionate about animal welfare.
You can find more of her work at www.eviekemp.com

Limited edition Bone Dog print by Joe Wharehinga. Joe Wharehinga is a New Zealand illustrator with a passion for animals and Batman as is evident in his Bonedog design for the 2015 SPCA merchandise range. His illustration name is in honour of his best friend growing up, a majestic ginger cat called Moses, who his mother adopted for him from the local SPCA when he was an infant.
You can find more of his work at www.mosesillustration.com

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